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You Already Are A Cloud Computing User

So, why aren’t you cloud computing already? Oh wait – you probably are. Do you use iCloud, Hotmail, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps?  With so many to mention, all of these are all examples of cloud computing applications you’ve probably used at some point or even use regularly. So you already are a cloud user and you may not know it. 

The concept of the cloud has been around for a long time in many different incarnations in the business world. It mostly means a grid of computers serving as a service-oriented architecture to deliver software and data. Most websites and server-based applications run on particular computers or servers. What differentiates the cloud from the way those are set up is that the cloud utilizes the resources from the computers as a collective virtual computer, where the applications can run independently from particular computer or server configurations. They are basically floating around in a “cloud of resources”, making the hardware less important to how the applications work.

Cost Effective

Aireus is designed from the ground up to be a multi-user system and architecturally capable of serving thousands of iPad POS terminals. Customers can easily add their own devices to their restaurant POS and unlike traditional restaurant POS systems.

With Personal Care Touch

Your Just Not a Number At Aireus

Aireus is team focused on providing customer-driven restaurant and iPad POS solutions and we provide account project management, consultation, installation, technical services remote and and on-site training. Together with the customer, our team works to understand and integrate the full potential of the Aireus iPad POS system, together, this partnership will ensure that the installation is planned and executed successfully, on time and on budget. Your personal restaurant POS analysis is available to you during your entire build, testing and go live process. During the initial stages of implementation we learn all about the way you run and operate your business so we can tailor your restaurant POS system to your specific needs.

Our Support team is made up of direct Aireus employees who work side by side with the product development engineers, design, and engineering departments to improve the customer experience. Which means they know our business inside and out and are ready to help you via phone or email.

Support Centre

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The Support Center is full of helpful tips and tricks, videos, and articles to help you get back to business.

Aireus customers can talk with the Support team and get help weekdays during business hours.

Send us a note and an Aireus Support team member will help you get back up to speed.

We work hard to make our products intuitive and reliable. But just in case you have an issue, we’re here to help.

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We Will Keep You Running

Our hospitality team will work with you from the beginning to make sure your iPad POS system is up and ready to use. We’ll build your menu, including configuring your entire system. We’ll take the time to show you around the restaurant software management features and your staff around the iPad POS product, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. From scheduling your training sessions directly with your dedicated installer, to trainers that will lend a hand on a variety of topics like getting started, setting up your network, printers and iPads, we’ll work with you to customize our hundreds of restaurant POS features specially for your operation. Once you’re up and running you can easily access our 24-hour service and training.

Cloud UpTime99.5%
1St Call Resolution Time97%
New Feature Request Acceptance94%
iPad Tpime 99.8%

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Our After hour emergency service and support starts daily 7 days per week, starting at 06:00pm eastern standard time (NYC), we never close, 365 days per year.  We do not subcontract our services or support, all support is company direct.

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Our normal daily business hours are from Monday to Friday, starting at 10:00am and finishing at 6:00pm eastern standard time (NYC) daily. At Aireus we do not subcontract our services or support. All support is Aireus company direct. 

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Every Step Of The Way Installation And Post Support

The Six Steps of Success

Our installation Services team will help you design, implement, configure  and enhance your solution to meet your needs. We help you get the most out of your solution. Our proven processes and industry experts also ensure that you get a faster install, fewer issues and a high quality solution that’s easier and less costly to maintain over time.



Database Build

We assign a personal assistant to build your menu, understand your requirements and take you through the entire process.



Installation Connectivity

Wether we come on site or we help you install the hardware remotely, we will be there for you to guide you through the entire process.



System Review

You will be able to review all the changes additions and flow of the system as we build it before you decide to implement live in your operation.



Go Live

When you go live with the system we will make sure you are ready to go and use it to service your guests.



Education and Training

We will train and educate you so you can mange your operaiton on your own without our assistance. So you have total control of your POS system.



Help Desk Support

We are here when you need us, all you need to is email or phone us. We will help you and or answer your questions anytime.