iPad POS For Busy Restaurants

We Are Aireus, A Creative POS Company.

Aireus is a full-service POS design and development company that partner with hospitality leaders who have an appetite for innovation. We specialize in custom rapid feature development, ideation and design. We rapidly create “art of the possible” and help define concepts tied to feasibility, creativity, and scope.  Aireus features include advanced iOS core Point Of Sale, an open API interface-able platform, a group of amazing add-on modules, a custom development team and a powerful cloud network. Our solutions help hundreds of restaurants around the world get creative.

Apple iOS

Aireus is an open Cloud based solution operating on the Amazon.com cloud and Apple iOS platform. We can operate in either a SQL and or Oracle database.  The Aireus solution can also be site installed in large leisure and entertainment properties. Reports can be exported to Excel and or the customer can be provided the reporting database to be used with Jasper reporting. Aireus has also developed an API for 3rd party interfaces for use in Web ordering, reservations and other applications.

Fully Loaded

Aireus is a revolutionary hospitality point of sale system that combines Apple innovation with powerful business logic; it offers fully featured and easy to use solutions designed for the restaurant industry. Aireus provides an anywhere, anyplace web-based interface that produces clear reports and analytics of single or multi-store operations, saving companies time and giving them absolute control over their business operations. Aireus is a fully featured POS system that competes with most traditional POS systems. 

Amazon Cloud

Cloud computing platforms are based on subscription pricing. This approach is a major departure from the traditional IT procurement process. With subscription-based pricing, no capital expenses are required to kick off projects. Companies can start small, with virtually no up-front costs, and instantly scale to meet broader business needs. The ability to pay-as-you-go is expensed as a service or operating expense rather than a capital expense. This difference makes it a compelling option for CFOs who are focused on Accountability.


Aireus architecture provides the ideal integration platform for full integration into diverse environments, delivering the complex, mission-critical functionality demands of the most innovative customers. Aireus  provides a suite of web services-based Application Integration Services designed to handle discrete business function, such as order placement from non-Aireus order devices and database imports and exports using our advanced API interface capabilities. 


Aireus includes an optional web-based solution for multi-store operators. As a flexible solution, it is completely configurable and can adapt to your ever-changing restaurant demands. The solution has the ability to define the store organizational structure with configurable hierarchical levels. Enterprise facilitates a corporate setup which serves as a hub for controlling and maintaining information and defining business policies across the organizational hierarchy. 

Offline Mode

To further complement the Scale Out architecture, Aireus offers multiple levels of resiliency. The Aireus  client is fully resilient, capable of performing mission critical operations in the event of an upstream technical failure. Locally deployed components, such as printing keep a site running at all times without direct Data Center communication. An optionally deployed  3G Router can provide additional protection in the event the internet goes down.

Mobile Online Ordering Made Easy.

Customer Self Ordering.

During this unprecedented time, Aireus has designed and developed methods and tools to help our customers with lessoning the risk of passing the Covid-19 virus to customers by removing the need of interaction with customers up close and adhering to social distancing.  The Aireus ordering app is engineered to maximize usability, asking only the questions that need to be asked, in exactly the order the customer would expect them. Our real-time integration with the Aireus core POS solution means nothing for you to manage. Orders appear on  the AIreus POS system and your kitchen line exactly like when you take them live in the restaurant. All mobile orders are treated just as if the order was placed in the restaurant by a server. And we don’t stop there, we also have an automated message system that keeps both the customer and your operations manager informed of the order so that you can service your customers fast and safely during the Covid-19 crisis.   

All New Ways For Your Customers To Pay.

Mobile payments allows you to set up and offer customers the ability to pay for orders by credit card in minutes, all on their own mobile phone. No more jumping through hoops. Whether it be credit card, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay, Aireus provides you the flexibility to offer the payment options that work best for your customers and best for your business while adhering to Covid-19 social distancing practices so we keep your employees and customers safe while keeping payments simple fast and secure. All payment gateways are PCI compliant.

New Payment methods include customers having the ability to scan a QR code, servers can text and or email your customers a payment link via the Aireus POS app so they can pay and add a tip on their own mobile phone, or servers can use state of the art payment Wifi terminals table side.

Pay By QR Code

Servers have the option of printing a receipt and dropping off the check table side for customers to self pay via a QR code associated to the their check. All the customer has to do is point and their cell phone and pay by credit card, add a tip.

Wifi Payment Device

Drop off a Wifi payment device with your customer. For operators that want to leave the credit card with their customers for both security and social distancing options we off a wifi PCI compliant solution that is easy to use and fully compliant.

Pay With Tap & Pay

For both Quick service and full service operators looking at a PCI compliant solution that only requires a customer to tap their credit card on the payment device to fully pay their check, this solutions allows customers to control their credit card at all times.

Pay By Text

Your customers can use their mobile phones to pay via Google and Apple Pay. A ink can be texted or emailed via the Aireus POS iPad to your customer eliminating the need to take a customers credit card to a POS station, the customer can simply touch the link and Pay from they’re phone via Google or Any Pay.

Who Are We

We Are A Direct Sales and Service Company

C ombining the personality and style of an independent hip boutique software development house with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major business, Aireus is redefining the luxury and design-led lifestyle of the next generation in hospitality Point-Of-Sale technology. 


Understanding your brand and your specific needs is the key to moving forward together and delivering the right solution. Challenge us with your biggest POS problems, and we’ll solve them.


Our team and your team work together in open and honest discussions. The focus is solely on developing custom solutions that give you the very best POS imaginable.


We assemble our teams on a project by project basis, building the very best team for you. Timeframes for design, development, testing and completion are entirely transparent, and we are obsessed with meeting deadlines.

A Few Of Our Customers.

We are a Customer Focused Company and our mission is simple. We’re passionate about putting our customers first and building success stories around them. Like no other restaurant POS before, Aireus is revolutionizing ways and always developing new ideas that helps you collaborate with your customer.

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We Build Custom Features

We’re a full-service POS design company that partner with hospitality leaders who have an appetite for innovation. Wether your a mid-sized and large restaurant enterprise we specialize in custom rapid feature development, ideation and design. We rapidly create “art of the possible” and help define concepts tied to feasibility, creativity, and scope.


Together, we can make your mobile solution idea a reality. We focus, work hard, treat every project like our own and apply our years of experience building and delivering mobile solutions that delight, engage and connect.


The initial phase of any engagement answers the question “what is the ultimate purpose of the feature” from both a company and user perspective. We work with you to understand your ideas and make them reality.


The goal of the user experience and graphic design phase is to deliver an application that is intuitive, easy to use and stunningly beautiful. For all aspects of the development process we work along side you to deliver exactly what they want.


We help you create a plan that defines and prioritizes feature deployments training by testing and delivering projects to the restaurant on time so your release will meet business goals and solve users needs.

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Totally Wireless Totally Restaurant

A New Way To Take Orders Table Side

We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into both innovative and measurable functionality that is easy to use.

Everything Designed To Be Easy And Intuitive

We understand you need you visual ordering, faster service and intuitive methods to serve guests, and the Aireus iPad POS restaurant system offers that flexibility.

Everything In The Palm Of Your Hands

Aireus is redefining the luxury and design-led lifestyle of the next generation in hospitality point-of-sale technology for the modern customer.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use, Easy To Love

At Aireus we strive to introduce innovation that extends to features you can’t find in other iPad POS systems. By designing our work in concert with our customers.

Modern Essential Powerful

We Are A Direct Sales and Service Company

Granular Functionality

At the core is a full featured, simple-to-use iPad restaurant solution with all the necessary core restaurant POS features such as running tabs, integrated customer loyalty, cash management, happy hour, re-order last round and much more.

Genius Design

The Aireus ecosystem of features includes an advanced POS core, an open API interface-able platform, a group of amazing add on modules, a custom development team and a powerful cloud network.

Bright Ideas

We rapidly create “art of the possible” and help define concepts tied to feasibility, creativity, and scope. We’re a full-service POS design company that partner with hospitality leaders who have an appetite for innovation.

Intuitive To Use

For us it begins with the recognition that our customers are seeking a balance between simplicity, features, style and substance with an emphasis on ease of use, attentive service and exceptional innovative features.

Table Side Ordering or Fixed iPad Station, You Choose

or a Combination Of Both, You Make The Choice

Powerful POS

Fully Loaded Features
  • Supports Credit card Signature At Table
  • Email Customers Receipts and Events
  • Unselling | Recipes | Line Busting

Combining both Apple iOS technology and cloud architecture, we offer the same fully featured POS functionality offered by traditional POS systems with a twist on innovation such as mobility, table side ordering,  marketing line busting and hundreds of more features.