Aireus Self Service Kiosk

Meet A Self Service Kiosk All On An iPad

The Aireus Kiosk is at the cutting edge of food services technology in all kinds of settings from quick service  to large venue concessions, to hotels, and all points in between. Featuring dual mode functionality to turn the kiosk into a POS for staff when needed, we offer a feature rich solution  and versatility, all while enhancing customer experience along the way.

Aireus provides  an unforgettable self service customer experience through its unique integrated platform addressing all avenues of food ordering. Customers expect quick, convenient and seamless service. Being an integrated platform it offers complete control over every customer touch point thus improving operational efficiency, in-time performance, increasing revenue and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. It includes food ordering kiosks, card readers, payment gateway integrations, kitchen display systems and centralized reporting & Business Intelligence tools for analytics. The Aireus platform is completely flexible, scalable and reliable.

Revolutionizing The Customer Experience. Meet A Truly wireless iPad Kiosk solution. 

Modern | Attractive

Easy To Use

Fully Integrated

Super Fast

Built on next-generation Apple mobile iOS platform for an intuitive and innovative experience for improved consumer engagement Aireus provides you an easy to use web portal management console for all your changes.

At Aireus we make it simple and put your business back in your hands whether you have a a single location or a chain of restaurants, we make it totally wireless and easy for you to run your operation.

From global reporting all the way to each restaurant, we provide an easy, simple, powerful solution that is a fully integrated in design so you can manage your operation for both your Kiosk and POS from a single enterprise portal.

 Imagine a wireless and cloud POS for restaurants system that offers pairing suggestions on the spot, an easy to use wine selection mode, a way to display your daily specials by just a touch of a button. Just think of all the possibilities, In the end, it’s about letting your customer be a part of shaping the restaurant.

iPad Customer
Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosks to eliminate long checkout lines and serve more customers

Customers don’t like waiting in long queues to place their orders. With our Kiosk solution, you will eliminate long queues at your sales counter and process more orders. Customers can directly walk up to one of the self-serve Kiosks, create their order and process payment securely directly from the Kiosk.

Hundreds Of Options

Designed For Hospitality

All on An iPad

Easy To Use and Setup

Integrated With AIreus

Kiosk Stands To Suite All Your Needs

Table Mounted Solutions

Wall Mounted Kiosk Solutions

Custom Kiosk Hardware Solutions

Pole And Stand Mounted Solutions

For a Flawless Experience That Delights Your Customers

Integrates seamlessly with POS, kitchen automation

Highly Scalable

Easily scale your operations to hundreds of iPads Kiosks and or iPad POS stations across your enterprise locations. 

Enhanced user experience

Delight your customers with beautiful menu presentation. Customers can create their own order or request assistance including interfaces to bar code scanner and or scales.

Enterprise Configuration

Manage menu updates and settings from one app. View consolidated reports on your PC, Laptop or Mobile via your browser from anyplace, anywhere.

Up Selling

Automatically setup an item up-sell prompt at every opportunity to increase revenue and guide your customers through choices. 

Various Payment Options

Pay using Credit Card and Gift Cards. Encrypted and secure payments using PCI-DSS compliant card reader including hotel Property management systems. 

Dula Mode

Functions efficiently as a self-serve kiosk for customers and as a POS for staff when need arises.