Aireus Covid-19 Polices.

Growing concern over COVID-19 has restaurants hotels around the world closing their doors to protect the health of their customers, employees, and communities. To support restaurants affected by COVID-19 we have been busy building new and innovative solutions that support our customers with a focus on self payment and ordering. So that everyone can remain safe during these difficult times.


During this public health emergency we are fully aware of how travel may impact our employees and our customers who need us on site, Our management team will review travel plans and work with our customers and arrange travel as appropriate that is safe for both our employees and our customers. Our Pandemic Disease Plan Committee will monitor global travel advisories associated with public health concerns. Travel advisors will be communicated to both our employees and customers to avoid the potential for travellers to be stranded overseas.

Social Gatherings

Social distancing, including increasing the space between employee work areas and decreasing the possibility of contact by limiting large or close contact gatherings, will be considered. In addition to protecting our employees, Aireus Incwill minimize employee contact with others. This will be achieved by Staffing the office with two members that will utilize separate entrances and communicate electronically, utilizing phones and video conferencing and avoiding unnecessary travel and working variable hours.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Aireus Inc will ensure that proper PPE, i.e. masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizers are distributed to all our staff that are traveling for their personal and or customers protection and safety. Additional safety measures have been put in place within our offices as well with access to hand sanitizer stations and cleaning products available for the use by our staff. Customers will be required to provide Aireus In employees wipe clothes and access to soap, water and wipes as required.

Monitoring External Communications

We will actively monitor the following information sources to identify any emerging public health issues, including pandemics and monitor global travel alerts:

• World Health Organization
• Centre for Disease Control
• Pandemic Flu
• Public Health Agency of Canada

Returning From Travel

For employees returning from a restricted area, appropriate health monitoring and quarantine measures may be implemented as per outlined by the federal and municipal public health agencies . Our Pandemic Disease Plan Committee will assist in this process to ensure the safety of our employees.

Isolation During Illness

Isolation during Illness
Employees will stay home if they are unwell. Isolation of individuals during an illness prevents the spread of disease through the workplace. Isolation periods would be based on government guidance or recommendations from Health Services.

Work At Home

We understand the need for social distancing and have created a flexible work policy for all our employees so that we particpate in helping lessen the spread of coved-19 and encourage our employees to stay and work from home. We also understand that our employees may be when ill or when having to care for sick family members, or when caring for children when schools close, without fear of reprisal.

Hand Washing & Hygiene

We understand that our employees need to adhere too hand washing (with warm soap and water, alcohol-based hand rub, or antiseptic handwash) as it is the single most effective measure to reduce the risks of transmitting infections. Handwashing prevents the spread of infectious diseases, including influenza and COVID-19. The influenza virus is readily inactivated by soap and water. Waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be used as an alternative to hand washing and are useful when sinks or warm running water is limited. All of our staff are aware and will adhere to this important factor when dealing directly with our customers and their operation.


Our employees will require that we clean all areas that are likely to have frequent hand contact (like iPads printers cashdrawers and other related items such doorknobs, faucets, handrails) periodically and when visibly soiled. Work surfaces will also be cleaned frequently using normal cleaning products. Aireus Inc ultimately desires to minimize the spread of pandemic influenza or illness. Our strategies will include practicing good personal hygiene and workplace cleaning habits and we will ask our customers to provide us with supplies during our installation to maintain strict cleaning protocols.


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