Whole New Way Of Paying By Credit Card

Tap & Dip

Credit cards now come with the ability to simply tap your card, no need to insert or swipe. The card never had to leave the customers hands.


The need to swipe a credit card may still be required, so a simple swipe still works, in case the cards magnetic bar is not working you can even manually type the card in.

Pay By QR Code

We can print a QR Code on the receipt so that when the wait staff drop the receipt off, the customer can simply pay with his own cell phone by pointing his cell phone at the QR code and using Apple or Google Pay.

By By Text Message

Wait staff can send a text message with payment details to any customer so that they can simply pay with your cell or tablet own their own.

Pay With Your Cell

Customers can pay with their cell phone or tablet, send them a test or provide them a QR code or they can use the Aireus mobile ordering platform to pay for their order. We offer our customers a ton of flexibility.

Pay @ Table

Pay @ table allows your wait staff to bring a mobile WiFi or cell device to a table or customer anywhere on property to initiate payment, tap dip swipe are all supported.

Pay Online

Using the Aireus mobile ordering module allows your customers to order on their own device and pay from anyplace anywhere.

Pay With Chip Card

Credit cards with an embedded chip card and can be dipped in a credit card device for fast and secure authorization with no need for swiping the devices can be wifi for pay at table support.

We Help You Succeed In The New Digital Payment World.

Mobile payments allows you to set up and offer customers the ability to pay for orders by credit card in minutes, all on their own mobile phone. No more jumping through hoops. Whether it be credit card, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay, Aireus provides you the flexibility to offer the payment options that work best for your customers and best for your business all while adhering to payment PCI compliancy.

New Payment methods include customers having the ability to scan a QR code, servers can text and or email customers a payment link via the Aireus POS app so they can pay and add a tip on their own mobile phone or provide a Wifi Pay @ table payment terminal.

We Hav Partnered With Best Credit Card Processors.

We offer our customer payment processor and gateway choices. You can pick your credit card partner.


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