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Syncing Up Your Gift Card and Loyalty

Create and manage guest payments with stored value and loyalty card programs while allowing your guests a single card to participate in any of your value/payment programs. Easily keep track of all your customers from your web browser anytime, anywhere. Issue, redeem and check card balances real-time.

Track Sales

Our software allows you to seamlessly track sales and outstanding balances in Cloud. It will provide a gift card transaction report, allow for mobile gift card activation, and produce a gift card sales report.

Activate Gift Cards

Your customers can quickly activate their gift cards from POS or Cloud. With so many card customization options to choose from, you can design gift cards exactly as you like to better complement your business.

Gift Card Reporting

Aireus reporting provides an in-depth look at all gift cards sold. Reports allow you to see the breakdown of all active cards, including purchased date, initial value, most recent transaction date

Multiple Locations

We take an active role with clients to strategically plan your multi location requirements that means tracking the customer experience across multiple locations. Clients benefit from simplified management and reporting.

You Choose

Using a processor-based gift card ties you to that processor. With Aireus you can change processors whenever you want. In most cases, we can even convert your existing cards to Aireus cards at no additional cost.

Fully Integrated

Aireus is fully integrated with no extra terminals or phone lines required. This allows you to easily activate, swipe, charge, report, and process balance inquiries the same way you would with a credit card.

Want To Reward Your Customers.

Keep customers coming back and earning restaurant rewards with Aireus’s built-in loyalty program. Track spending and visit activity, By defining promotions and points are given, Aireus offers a wide range of rewards, and an equally wide set of options for earning points.

Easy To Use

Since the restaurant loyalty program is an integrated feature within Aireus, it is very easy for guests to earn and use their rewards points, guests can still receive rewards even when they pay with cash or check.


With Aireus, you can customize the loyalty program to your specific needs. You can choose the dollar to points exchange, the points milestones, and even which specific menu items or groups that are redeemable with rewards cards.

Across Multiple Locations

Use your loyalty program across all your locations, that means tracking the customer experience across multiple channels. Your customers can receive rewards from all your sites real time.

Our Gift Card And Loyalty Partners.

We interface to some amazing partners for all gift card and loyalty needs


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