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01 Idea

Together, we can make your mobile solution idea a reality. We focus, work hard, treat every project like our own and apply our years of experience building and delivering mobile solutions that delight, engage and connect.

02 Design

The initial phase of any engagement answers the question “what is the ultimate purpose of the feature” from both a company and user perspective. We work with you to understand your ideas and make them reality.

03 Devlop

The goal of the user experience and graphic design phase is to deliver an application that is intuitive, easy to use and stunningly beautiful. For all aspects of the development process we work along side you to deliver exactly what they want.

04 Deploy

We help you create a plan that defines and prioritizes feature deployments training by testing and delivering projects to the restaurant on time so your release will meet business goals and solve users needs.


As an extension of a customers organization we are able to accelerate innovation for our customers by fulfilling software development at an affordable rate while meeting deployment deadlines.From rapid prototyping, to confirmation and collaboration on concepts our customers arrive at the right solution that meet there specific needs without all the overhead associated with custom development.

Pricing And Budgets

It’s a fact that todays modern tools and architecture lends to not only rapid development and deployment but also to practical and reasonable pricing allowing customers to take advantage of specific features and innovations that traditional POS can never deliver on. Wether your a small, mid or large enterprise Aireus can provide you with an affordable custom solution that meets your budget.


Once the core problem is identified, we conduct a controlled brainstorming session to solve it. Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies that involve mobile, cloud, and hardware design provides expansive insight on what is possible today and in the near future. When combined with your team’s expertise in an industry, there is no telling of what kind of grand discovery can be made.


Innovative ideas are just ideas without action. And to take action, you need to know what it is needed to make it happen. In this phase, Sourcebits will break down estimated timelines, costs, and talent needed to get the job done. Over the past six years working on a wide range of products, you can have confidence that our plans and projections are realistic, practical and achievable.

Available for:

Interested in our API?

Are You A Developer and Require An Interface To Aireus

The Aireus API is ideal for developers who want to build a custom interface or extra data from our point-of-sale solution. Our POS API allows you to integrate payments, gift cards, online ordering, loyalty and other 3rd party products. Our standard iPad Point of Sale app is a powerful tool that allows customers to run their businesses from top to bottom. By using our POS API, you get access to all these tools along with the workflows you need in your specialized app. You’re able to view all transactions and take advantage of all the reporting and analytics. Our point-of-sale API is fully PCI compliant, our fees are competitive, call us today to discuss your requirements.


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