In Room Dinning
All on the Apple TV

With our revolutionary affordable in-room Apple TV app, guests can now indulge and experience a meal without having to call an agent. They simply browse the menu and customize each dish just to there liking and order. No complex integration or new workflow processes, both your staff and guests will find Aireus In Room Dining app an intuitive and efficient way to order. From Subtle up-sells and push notifications to offers and promotions your property, your style, your brand – powered by Aireus.

Our Revolutionary Affordable In-Room Apple TV App.

All on an Apple TV device

Highly Scalable

Easily scale the in room dinning app from a few rooms to hundreds of rooms across your hotel, to the cabanas.

Enterprise Configuration

Manage menu updates and settings from one app. View consolidated reports on your PC, Laptop or Mobile via your browser from anyplace, anywhere.

The Apple TV Experience

Delight your customers with beautiful menu presentation. Customers can create their own order or request assistance including interfaces to bar code scanner and or scales.

Up Selling

Automatically setup an item up-sell prompt at every opportunity to increase revenue and guide your customers through choices.

Easy to Use

Functions efficiently as a self-serve in room app for customers, wether its in your cabanas or in the gust room, the in room dinning app allows your customers to order directly and efficiently.

Room Charge

Automatically posts to the customers hotel folio and provides the customer with the option of an SMS or emailed receipt.

Tips and Delivery Charges

Everything you need including support for room service and in room dining employee tips service and delivery charges as well revenue center support.

Support For SMS and Email

Your guests will be promoted for to receive an optional receipt by email, QR code and or SMS text messaging so they have all choices of delivery.

Menu By Day and Time

We provide full support for turning on your menus by day and time period so that you can control what is being shown where and when.


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