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We have a powerful awesome POS solution that is modern cloud wired or wireless with hundreds of features including mobile and web ordering and payments.

  • Daily Specials
  • Filter Mode
  • Logo Support
  • Photo Item Support
  • Time Periods
  • Stand Alone Mode
  • Internal Mail
  • Team Support
  • Order Type
  • Coursing
  • Budgets
  • News
  • Advanced Discounts
  • Pizza Mode
  • Multilingual
  • Sizing
  • Email Text Receipts
  • Events & Packages
  • Recipe Support
  • Advanced Deposits
  • Use Order Number
  • Is Takeout
  • Sales Commisions
  • Pulse Reports
  • List Mode
  • Modifier Pricing
  • Visual Favorites
  • Timed Items
  • Custom Check
  • Ask For Customer
  • Show Course
  • Price Tiers
  • Read By Shift
  • Breaks
  • 5G Cell Mode
  • Video Void
  • Auto Toppings
  • Park Orders
  • Happy Hour
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • A/R
  • Return Mode
  • Item Count down
  • Wine Mode
  • Portrait Mode
  • Landscape Mode
  • Send & Stay
  • Kitchen Notifications

Granular Functionality

The Aireus ecosystem of features includes an advanced POS core, an open API interface-able platform, a group of amazing add on modules, a custom development team and a powerful cloud network

Fits In Your Hand.
Aireus POS Mini.

Take an iPod Touch or iPhone and take orders anywhere from the palm of your hand. Intducing the Aireus Mini.

The Aireus mini app is engineered to maximize usability, asking only the questions that need to be asked, it fits in the palm of your hand taking orders table side, by the pool, at the cabana, on the patio, banquets and special events, mini bar and the list goes on.  Use it on your iPhone or simply use an iPod touch. Designed to accompany the Aireus iPad App the mini is a great solution and cost saving POS solution all in the palm of your hand.

Super Simple.
Aireus Mobile Ordering For Your Customers

Complete digital web or app online ordering and POS for your hospitality operation across all channels from iPad POS to Customer Mobility to Kiosk and Apple TV ordering.

The Aireus web ordering app is engineered to maximize usability, asking only the questions that need to be asked, in exactly the order the customer would expect them.  All mobile orders are treated just as if the order was placed in the restaurant by a server. And we don’t stop there, we also have an automated message system that keeps both the customer and your operations manager informed of the order so that you can service your customers fast and safely during the Covid-19 crisis.

All The Features You Will Need.

We have hundreds of features to ensure that you get what you want and need

Menu Item Descriptions
Manage Store Hours
Prompted Modifier Support
Have Favorite Items
Full 86 Item Support
Mobiel Order Chits
Fully PCI Compliant

Email Receipts
Apple Google Pay Support
Time of Day Menus
Send Order to KDS
Service Charges
Set Order times On/Off
Multi Channel Support

Email and Text Notifications
By Outlet Support
Time and Day support
Curb Side Delivery
Order Type Support
Cloud Reporting
Can Operate in Stand Alone

Display Photos
Table Drop Off Support
Mobile App or Web Options
Free Form Modifier Support
Up Selling
Pool and Cabana Support
3rd Party Interfaces


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