Digitize Your Kitchen
with iPad

Lose the paper and save by gaining insights in your total operation, Our kitchen display system adapts quickly and easily providing support for busy kitchens with programmable prep times, timers and notifications.

A Fully Loaded Smart KDS
For Your Kitchen.

Bump To Printer

Ready to deliver your food to the customer, send the order chit from the KDS to your printer so your runner knows where to deliver the food without any mistakes.

Split Mode

Choose dynamically between full view and split mode view at a press of a button so you can see more orders on the screen at once.

Summary Mode

For when you need to know a summary of all of outstanding orders at a glance, simply press press summary mode.

Bump To Another KDS

Production lines need the ability to control their orders so we came up with the option to bump from one iPad KDS to another with options to notify and print along the way.

Expo Mode

Control all your orders from a single iPad. Expo mode allows you to view all your open orders

Mobile Order Management

Mobile orders are delivered to the KDS and marked and identfied with specific customer details such name phone and email. we can also notify customers when there order is ready.

Recall Bumped Orders

For when you need to know a summary of all of outstanding orders at a glance, simply press press summary mode.


We support text message notifications to managers and customers with messages as orders are prepped and delivered.

Smart KDS

The KDS Solution can help you manage your kitchen with the use of prep times and smart timers that let you visually see where each order is in your process.

Mark Items Ready

Mark individual items as completed on an order so you can manage your orders more efficiently and smartly.

Prep Times

Prep Times allow you to send orders to your KDS based on preparation timing of each item, so your cooks only see what they need at a glance.

Local Print Server

Let your KDS act as a local print server so it can be your traffic cop for your printers in the kitchen if you use printers and our KDS solution.

Wired Or Wireless.

Ethernet + Power Adapter with Lightning Connector is the perfect solution if you or your business needs a fast, secure and reliable wired Internet connection for your iPad KDS. It offers both Power over Ethernet and Lightning ports, so you can connect to a secure network while continuing to charge your iPad device. Power over Ethernet compatibility also provides another convenient way to connect and charge simultaneously with a single cable.


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