Wireless Kitchen Display

Designed to deliver the most intuitive and integrated experience

Summary Mode

A Team Approach

Aireus team mode allows your serving staff to work in a team environment so your customers can experience the best and most efficient service possible. Any server can help the customer anytime, and tables, tabs and checks are shared across the enterprise. The shift staff can take reads for both a combined team as well as individual servers. or bars and counter mode. Teams allows for line busting, sharing of tabs and the ability to track individual reports for each employee.

Split Mode

Anyway You Need It

Design an unlimited amount of custom menu item modifiers. Each menu item can have its unique modifier method attached, so you have total flexibility to provide your waitstaff with easy and intuitive choices when ordering items. From minimum and maximum choices to unlimited group linking to forced and elective choices, Aireus understands your needs for modifier flexibility. Choose from 5 unique and innovative methods:  elective, forced, toppings, manual and line reference. 

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Control Your Cash

Any business that takes cash has a potential theft problem, so the best prevention is a back office POS management system that gives you tight control over all financial transactions made at Point of Sale. Cash Management is our application module designed to manage day-to-day cash and tender media transactions. Track the flow of cash all the way from the float to the cash out. Review tills and deposits with enterprise roll up of totals.

We Offer All The Core POS Features You Will Want And Need

Combining both Apple iOS technology and cloud architecture, we offer the same fully featured POS functionality offered by traditional POS systems with innovations such as mobility, table side ordering with a flair for marketing Aireus can be used by servers or line busters such as up selling and pairing,  events and packages, marketing and visual favourites to display photos of items that include nutrition and ingredient listings. 

We offer a single Ecco system that includes tying in data for a customer from multiple sources such as POS, Gift Card, Online Ordering and Customer CRM.  Customer can truly be mobile and access the system from anywhere with ease with all there mobile devices. 


Bump To iPad

For Order Management

Thanks to the Coursing function, while the order is being placed, a specific menu item will be displayed on the ordering screen with its default coursing setting, configured in advance. At that point, the default course can be switched by simply touching the item and selecting the new course.

Table Side Ordering

At The Moment Ordering

Restaurants now have a portable, fully featured iPad restaurant POS to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help upsell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen, accept payment, conduct surveys, and reward repeat customers.

Line Busting

Don't Lose Customers Anymore

Whether you are a quick service, fast casual operation or simply offer a full service restaurant offering takeout services, line busting has never been easier. Bust lines based on customer traffic and busy periods while you shorten unsightly lines and reduce customers’ time-to-sell experience.

All On An iPad

Wireless Kitchen Display
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