A Team Of Expert
Point Of Sale Designers.

Combining the personality and style of an independent hip boutique software development house with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major business, Aireus is redefining the luxury and design-led lifestyle of the next generation in hospitality Point-Of-Sale technology.

Our Mission.

For us it begins with the recognition that our customers are seeking a balance between simplicity, features, style,substance and cost – in their own lives, and in the technology partner they choose. We strive to embody this balance with a strikingly modern approach to software design that is refreshing, powerful and flexible, with an emphasis on ease of use, attentive service and exceptional innovative features. We deliver a revolutionary POS system that helps your business grow by taking the IT out of the product and making it simple.

We're Backed By The Best.

Aireus is Funded By Communications Giant CaTECH Systems

CaTECH Systems provides Infrastructure, Networking, Digital AV, Telephony, Security, Datacenter installations, Electrical and Rollout support to clients across North America.

Connecting The Planet

Now celebrating 30 years in business, CaTECH Systems Ltd. is one of North America’s largest network infrastructure providers of innovative, high quality solutions for Data Centres, Network Infrastructure, Converged Media & AV, Business Telephony, Security, Rollouts and Electrical. Represented by hundreds of professional, certified staff and service delivery partners, and with offices and service locations across the country, small, medium and Fortune 100 companies rely on CaTECH’s long-standing reputation for quality, service and integrity to provide customized, end-to-end solutions that build and maintain the communication backbone of their business.

Our Management Team.

Aireus is Funded By Communications Giant CaTECH Systems

Geoff Marshall

VP Of Technology

Cathy Gregory

Vice President

Scott Forrestall

Board Chairman

Paul Perri

President CEO

What We Do.

Re-Designing The Way You Do Business


We only offer one type of service, we are open for business 24 hours a day every day. We offer support to all our customers with a determination to help them through any issue that may arise.

Mobile Development

We cover everything mobile, from customer self ordering on their own devices to our powerful iPad POS solution to our Apple TV ordering app and iPad Kiosk product. Wired or un-wired we do everything mobile.

Networking & WiFi

Every system and solurtion in your operation needs a backbone to operate on, wether it’s a wireless or wired network or a combination of both, we have the engineers and certified people who can design and install it.

Focus On Hospitality

Some companies focus on multiple products and market segments, we don’t our focus is only hospitality. Every day we think on how we can make our customers better products and how we can service and support them the best we can.

Point Of Sale

At the core of all our products is our advanced POS solution, granular and feature rich, it is an amazing mobile solution designed for the hospitality segment, we offer our customers solutions such as mobile payments and mobile ordering,

Cloud Computing

For years, companies such as eBay, Amazon and Google have used cloud computing to bring easy-to-use services to consumers by offering a fundamentally faster, less risky, and more cost-effective alternative to on-premises hardware and software.


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