Picture  a  dreamlike  setting  complete  with  exquisite,  hand painted  frescos  on  barrel vaulted  ceilings,  brilliant  travertine  floors,  fine  marble  columns,  intricate  leaded  glass fixtures,  carved  mahogany  furnishings  and  lavish  gardens.  Then picture this all in the shadow of a spiraling Moorish Giralda tower. Is it a Spanish castle or a grand Venetian palazzo?

Although  The  Biltmore  in  Coral  Gables,  Florida  does  resemble  the  finest  in  classic Mediterranean architecture, it is neither an Italian palazzo nor Iberian castle. Instead it is  the  centerpiece  of  George  Merrick’s  vision  of  Coral  Gables  as  an  elegant,  stately suburb,  which  he  called  “The  City  Beautiful.”  Combining his deep affection for lush South Florida landscape with a high regard for Italian, Moorish and Spanish architectural influences, Merrick realized his dream in the construction of his masterpiece. This is The Biltmore Hotel.

Biltmore Hotel Miami