The Misfit

Restaurant / Bar
About This Project

The Misfit is anything but. It’s moody, dimly-lit, dramatic and fun and has already found a home in Downtown Santa Monica. From the moment you walk in you feel at ease. The raised ceilings make the space feel open while the staff and décor create a very welcoming atmosphere. The menu, directed by Chef Bruce Kalman is both satisfying and health-conscious; the Misfit accommodates your carnivore friends as well as the vegans amongst you with a variety of small plates, making it easy to share. If you prefer to drink your meals, The Misfit also delivers – and with style. Home to a gorgeous, almost theatrical bar with its curtains and dark wood, The Misfit offers a slew of signature cocktails, as well as an excellent beer and wine list. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at The Misfit. Too often a theme is forced as a place tries to find its identity before it has grown into its own. The Misfit is not that at all. There is an unmistakable confidence that is present throughout, the type that is rarely found in a new establishment. The Misfit knows who it is. If you have yet to stop by, we recommend you spend an evening there and get to know it for yourself.