Parker Hotels Select Aireus

Aireus is Selected Aireus rolls out new iPad POS to Parker Hotels in NYC and Palm springs as the hotel and resort identified a need for a robust POS system capable of handling all of there specific requirements including mobility via wifi and 4G, a cloud based centralized file maintenance capability that allows files for...
Ways & Means will start shucking in Portland Huntington Beach, California-based Ways & Means Oyster House will start shucking in The Bridgeport Village shopping center in Portland. According to the press release, Ways & Means will share “the California coastal lifestyle” with a focus on oysters, small plates, and cocktails. And the venue will be...
A NEW KIND OF HOTEL EXPERIENCE Aireus is part of the RL experience. The Hotel RL experience is more than a relaxing room. With locations from Spokane to Brooklyn, we’re designing a new guest experience to stimulate your senses, inspire creativity, and create connections with our local communities. Craft coffee is always flowing as our lobby...
LOCATION 3 NOW OPEN The ball has dropped, and the ribbon has been cut. Come join us at 181 North Morgan Street for small batch donuts and tasty fried chicken sandwiches.
AIREUS iPad Point Of Sale
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