Designed specifically for hospitality, Aireus is the complete enterprise POS solution for restaurants ranging from busy single units to multi-unit properties. Scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible configuration are key.


  • iPad-based means a dropped unit costs just $399 and a single day to replace, not thousands and weeks.
  • Amazon Cloud & Apple iOS means every step is triggered automatically and information is fully integrated and available immediately.
  • Mobile means your team can do their tasks from anywhere, anytime.
  • Quick development means we’re responsive to your needs.
  • Affordable to maintain means you don’t have to sweat when you get our bill.
  • Instant pairings mean upselling is a breeze.
  • Loyalty tracking means preferences are shown, giving a mind-reading level of guest experience.


Aireus is new. It’s refreshingly unique.


Our iPad POS was designed primarily for multi-unit restaurants, so Amazon cloud storage on an Apple iOS was the best fit. Enjoy constant, streamlined access to loyalty programs, stored value cards, and time and attendance. And every step is fully automated, creating a system that hums. Aireus is designed for SaaS deployment to deliver complex, mission-critical functions demanded by busy restaurants with challenging needs.


Take orders wirelessly table side or implement a mounted solution. Orders immediately shoot out to printers or an iPad KDS for food and beverage preparation, speeding up table turns. At the same time, waiters can linger to squeeze out more revenue through sharing nutrition or ingredient lists, or offering pairing recommendations in wine expert mode.


Interested in innovative features such as pay@table and receipts via email? Sign up for a live one-on-one demo today.


Staff turnover at restaurants is brutal, but Aireus’ mobile POS prompts waiters to create a consistent, positive guest experience. Guests are taken care of faster, while the visit feels more relaxed. By harnessing the power of the iPad and hundreds of mobile oriented features, Aireus is able to provide not only a truly professional restaurant software app, but a truly professional atmosphere.


iPad POS5

Order Type
Reopen Closed Check
Advanced Discounts
Service Charges
Pizza Mode
Dining Room Editor
PIN or Card Security
TIP Decleration
Advanced Overtime

Daily Specials
Stand Alone Mode
Time & Attendance
Valet Messaging
Quick Books Interface
Exports to Excel
Excel Menu Mode
Multiple Job Class Support
Tip Pooling

Email Text Receipts
Credit Card Support
Events & Packages
Transfer Item or Check
Hold / Unhold Option
Advanced Deposits
Credit Card Threshold
Use Order Number
Log Out After Payment
Roll Up Modifiers
Is Takeout
Show Course

Advanced Modifiers
Re-Order Last Round
List Mode
Table Management
Visual Favorites
Timed Items
Customizable Reads
Auto Business close
Credit Card Record TIP
Custom Check
International Tax
Ask For Customer

Split Item
Separate Checks
Events & Packages
Video Void
Auto Toppings
Park and Retrieve Orders
Happy Hour
Multi-Revenue Centers
Alpha Search Items
Bar Code Scaner Support
Weight Scale Support
Stock Items Out

Pay Per Guest
Employee Contest
Paid In/Out’s
Return Mode
Item Count down
Wine Mode
Portrait Landscape Mode
Send & Stay
Kitchen Notifications
Auto Updates
Rear Customer Display
Media Display



Aireus team mode allows your serving staff to work in a team environment so your customers can experience the best and most efficient service possible. Any server can help the customer anytime, and tables, tabs and checks are shared across the enterprise. The shift staff can take reads for both a combined team as well as individual servers. or bars and counter mode. Teams allows for line busting, sharing of tabs and the ability to track individual reports for each employee, even though they share the same cash drawer and iPad POS workstation.

Unlimited Modifiers

Design an unlimited amount of custom menu item modifiers. Each menu item can have its unique modifier method attached, so you have total flexibility to provide your waitstaff with easy and intuitive choices when ordering items. From minimum and maximum choices to unlimited group linking to forced and elective choices, Aireus understands your needs for modifier flexibility. Choose from 5 unique and innovative methods:  elective, forced, toppings, manual and line reference. You can be confident that configuring modifiers will fit your needs.

Cash Management

Any business that takes cash has a potential theft problem, so the best prevention is a back office POS management system that gives you tight control over all financial transactions made at Point of Sale. Cash Management is our application module designed to manage day-to-day cash and tender media transactions. Track the flow of cash all the way from the float to the cash out. Review tills and deposits with enterprise roll up of totals.


Thanks to the Coursing function, while the order is being placed, a specific menu item will be displayed on the ordering screen with its default coursing setting, configured in advance. At that point, the default course can be switched by simply touching the item and selecting the new course.

Table Side Ordering

Restaurants now have a portable, fully featured iPad restaurant POS to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help upsell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen, accept payment, conduct surveys, and reward repeat customers.

Line Busting

Whether you are a quick service, fast casual operation or simply offer a full service restaurant offering takeout services, line busting has never been easier. Bust lines based on customer traffic and busy periods while you shorten unsightly lines and reduce customers’ time-to-sell experience.


Need the ability to customize modifier toppings for specialty items like sandwiches, burgers and pizza? Waitstaff can simply touch the menu item and select the topping and its size or prefix. With this type of flexibility, complex ordering can be organized, controlled and easy to implement in your restaurant.

Employee Contests

Employee contests can help increase average checks, launch a customer loyalty or gift card program, improve customer service, or boost morale. They help convert your wait staff from a labor cost to a marketing tool by motivating them, increasing server retention and improving the customer experience.


Leverage your iPad POS as more than just an ordering device. Create unique messages, promote your events, and add news and marketing packages without expensive software add-ons. Waitstaff simply use the iPad to capture your customers’ email information with ease for future marketing efforts.


Daily Sales
Daily Sales with Pro-Rated Discounts
Hourly Sales
Period Sales By Revenue Center
Weekly Sales
Daily Department Sales
Discount Summary
Service Charge Summary
Payment Summary
Tax Summary
MenuMix By Emp and Dept With Cost
MenuMix By Emp and Cat With Cost
RVC Menu Mix by Emp and Dept
RVC Center Menu Mix by Emp and Cat
Daily Time Clock Details
Cash Management Reporting

VAT Summary
Other Income Summary
Adjustment Summary
Cash Summary
Pay-in /Pay-out Detail
Non Cash Payment Detail
Discount Details
Period Sales
Department Sales by Time Period
Revenue Center Menu Mix by Department
Labor Summary
Labor Summary with Signature
Labor Detail
Daily Tips
Daily Tip Detail

Remove Tax Report
Menu Mix by Department
Menu Mix by Category
MenuMix By Category With Cost
MenuMix By Department With Cost
Line Item Reference
Employee Revenue Summary
Commissions Paid
Menu Mix by Employee and Department
Menu Mix by Employee and Category
Remove Tax Report
Menu Mix by Department
Menu Mix by Category
MenuMix By Category With Cost
MenuMix By Department With Cost
Top 50 Items Lower 50 Items

Server Shift Detail
Labor Summary with Break
Labor Detail with Break
Daily Time Clock Detail with Break
Gift Card List
Advanced Deposit List
Gift Card Transaction History
Advanced Deposit Transaction History
Customer List
Customer Transaction History
Line Item Reference
Employee Revenue Summary
Commissions Paid
Menu Mix by Employee and Department
Menu Mix by Employee and Category
Cash Management Extended Reports


Aireus Enterprise8


Employees can be point-of-sale users or non users, such as kitchen staff or cleaners. If a user has not clocked in, point-of-sale operations are not available. Employees can clock in using manual codes or swipe cards.

• Clock in and out through the iPad
• Employee files tracking time and attendance, gross wages, manual adjustments, hourly overrides, tip declaration, etc
• Minimum & maximum pay rates
• Overtime calculation
• Overtime reportings


Automate and save:  Aireus can be configured to export time & attendance information to third party payroll processors such as ADP. This practical feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and helps ensure better accuracy. Plus it allows for reduced labor cost.

• Pay rates
• Pay rate effective dates
• Overtime rates
• Additional job information


Assign multiple different job codes to each employee with different rates with minimum and maximum wage amounts to prevent underpaying or overpaying an employee when assigning a particular pay rate.

• Pay rates
• Time changes
• Other pay such as meetings
• Last minute deduction support


iPad POS8


Aireus iPad POS Partner3
Aireus iPad POS Partner48
Aireus iPad POS Partner50
Aireus iPad POS Partner4

EMV — which stands for Euro-pay, MasterCard and Visa — is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. In the wake of numerous large-scale data breaches and increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, U.S. card issuers are migrating to this new technology to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud. EMV is based on strong cryptography and elaborate key management; a fundamental EMV principle is to digitally sign payment data to ensure transaction integrity. The difference from magnetic stripe technology is that a chip is extremely difficult to crack; card authentication and PIN verification are performed automatically and objectively by the chip. An important aspect of EMV is its use of dynamic data. Each transaction carries a unique ‘stamp’ which prevents the transaction data from being fraudulently reused, even if it is stolen from a merchant’s or processor’s database. EMV’s dynamic data feature means that if you can’t prevent data from being stolen, make the stolen data useless because dynamic data is only useful for the sole transaction it characterizes. For merchants and financial institutions, the switch to EMV means adding new in-store technology and internal processing systems and complying with new liability rules. For consumers, it means activating new cards and learning new payment processes. Most of all, it means greater protection against fraud. EMV cards may be called any of the following terms: Smart card, Chip card, Smart-chip card, Chip-enabled smart card, Chip-and-choice card (PIN or signature), EMV smart card and EMV card.






iPad POS10

We expect our cloud services and applications to always be available, which is one of the reasons for moving to the cloud. But this isn’t always the case. Enterprise cloud computing solutions require a stable and fast internet connection, but we all know that from time to time everyone will experience an internet or even an Amazon cloud server interruption. From bad weather to power outages to a cable or DSL line being cut, we just can’t rely 100% on cloud services to be up. We have to take downtime into consideration, and that is why Aireus developed redundancy advancements that provide restaurateurs the ability to deal with these type of issues when they  arise to ensure that your Aireus POS is working 100% of the time.  At Aireus, we have multiple redundant technology layers starting with the iPad itself and building out to 4G cell backup solutions to an on-site server appliance. No matter what happens, we make it possible for you to be able to service your guests.



Built into the core POS is the ability to continue to work offline on each iPad. All open checks remain and staff can continue to use the iPad to take orders so you can service your guests all the time, anytime. Transactions are stored locally on each iPad and synchronize your sales when connectivity is resumed. Each iPad operates independently while still being able to print, store open tables and tabs and service your customers, so you never have to worry about total system failure. With offline mode, you can plan your disaster strategy to ensure your data is safe and secure, all of the time.


Customers can also choose to install a dedicated Mac Mini acting as data appliance. Since the Mac Mini is installed locally, your restaurant continues to operate even when there is no Internet or Amazon cloud. As soon as the connection is restored, all data is automatically uploaded and synced. Adding a the Mac Mini appliance improves network performance and ensures slow or inconsistent Internet connections do not affect flow and processing of data and ensures the restaurant remains productive.


Aireus Cloud POS

The Aireus online ordering system module is engineered to maximize usability, asking only the questions that need to be asked, in exactly the order the customer would expect them. Our real-time integration with the Aireus core POS solution means nothing for you to manage. Orders appear on your POS system and your kitchen line exactly like when you take them live in the restaurant. All your customer needs to do is visit your company website. There, the customer selects the desired food from your menu and stores it in a virtual shopping basket. Sent orders will instantly appear at the store on the iPad Kitchen Display monitor. Attract new customers and keep existing customers by offering online ordering. Even devoted customers can be attracted to a competitor who offers online ordering if you don’t. Your staff will spend less time answering phone calls and more time serving customers in your restaurant to provide optimal service. The average phone order takes about 2 to 3 minutes, longer for the customers full of questions. Online orders are clear, avoiding the expensive headache of miscommunicated orders. Also, customers tend to place larger orders online because they have time to browse your menu with no pressure. Don’t worry about order notifications, they are standard with Aireus; orders are real-time and sent to the kitchen printer and or iPad KDS system immediately. An online order is treated just as if the order was placed in the restaurant. And we don’t stop there, we also have an automated message system that keeps both the customer and your store manager informed of the order. With Aireus’ online ordering, you never miss an order, you spend less time on the phone and you receive larger orders.


Customize the look of your site to match your store’s colour and brand. Our service includes a tailored designed online order website with all standard pages and components, from button colours, to toolbars and adding your own logo, the aireus online ordering module is easy to setup so you can configure your photos modifiers like sides and toppings. If you require a more elaborate site we can create work with you to create a fully customized website.


Aireus allows your customers to make a payment using PayPal’s pre-integrated payment gateways. Payments are sent directly to your processor and then deposited into your funds automatically. You can even setup multiple payment options for shoppers like Cash, Credit Card, and House Account to give your customers confidence and ensure you never lose a sale or have them pay at the door or at the restaurant. Grow your business with Online ordering.


Aireus was designed to be fully-functional across all major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. aireus takes the security of your menu and data very seriously. Password protection, advanced encryption technology, 256-bit Secure Socket Layers, firewalls, heavily guarded servers and intrusion-detection devices all work together to prevent unauthorized access to your online store.


iPad POS4


Aireus is a creative ecosystem smoothly syncing up your POS and CRM.



Everybody likes to feel they’re getting a good deal. The Aireus POS loyalty solution delivers flexible, customizable rewards and bonus programs. Customers can check balances and reward levels online and real-time at the your operation. And don’t worry, there are no per transaction fees.


Create and manage guest payments with stored value and loyalty card programs while allowing your guests a single card to participate in any of your value/payment programs. Easily keep track of all your customers from your web browser anytime, anywhere. Issue, redeem and check card balances real-time.


Recall previous orders from your iPad and use the one-step recall-last order feature to save time when taking a delivery order. Extensive customer database functionalities allow you to keep as much or as little information on your clients as you wish. Set up customer comments so your drivers have notes and can take payment directly at the door.


The best online web ordering experiences are the easiest ones with the fewest clicks possible. Your customers can get exactly where they want to go–eating food from you. As part of the core, Online Ordering shares the database with the POS system for seamless integration.


Aireus Cloud POS

So much better than the traditional line printer. So much more.

Kitchen display systems (KDS) replaces the traditional line printer with additional functionality so restauranteurs can eliminate steps, cut down on errors, improve productivity and drive increased guest satisfaction. Feature rich and innovative, The Aireus kitchen display system (KDS) module provides a visible, real-time order to an iPad so restaurants can manage and control orders. Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or bar prep area wirelessly, the solution is an intuitive, feature rich graphical Apple iOS application. Restaurateurs can create and customize any type of routing they require while displaying average cook and prep times at any iPad station.


Route and send items to the appropriate prep station and simplify kitchen management to help reduce ticket and training times. Running on the local WiFi network and using Apple iOS capabilities, the solution provides advanced redundancy, eliminating unnecessary system downtime while eliminating costly printers or the need to manually time and call out orders from a central kitchen location. Changes made to each item at each prep station – such as fired, cooking, prepared, and redo – are simultaneously indicated at the expeditor station at the order level, ensuring servers and managers know with a glance the status of their items and orders. Every item and every order on each iPad display station can be highlighted and marked with a status. Once orders are completed in the kitchen, they are automatically moved to the front of the expeditor screen for immediate delivery to the guests. Arriving orders notify operators with an audible alert, while ageing orders change colours based on the number of minutes the order remain open. Operators also can determine wether an order should be bumped to a secondary iPad or associated with a different prep area and move and bump the order to a packing station.


• Display course in different colours
• View orders in a variety of display options
• Highlight “alert orders”
• Order has exceeded expected prep time


• Display Rush Order, VIP and Void status
• Display functions
• Capture service times for each guest and table
• Continuously display prep times


• Real-Time reports on kitchen performance
• See the status of each table
• Use touch screen not traditional bump bars
• Bump to Printer


Aireus Cloud POS
Aireus Enterprise2


Aireus includes an optional web-based solution for multi-store operators. As a flexible solution, it is completely configurable and can adapt to your ever-changing restaurant demands. The solution has the ability to define the store organizational structure with configurable hierarchical levels. Enterprise facilitates a corporate setup which serves as a hub for controlling and maintaining information and defining business policies across the organizational hierarchy. The solution has a global pricing management function that tracks the price mark-ups and mark-downs. In addition, it manages promotional pricing, pricing schedules and special pricing based on the customer group, location and item hierarchy. The versatile CRM function aireus Enterprise lets you maintain relevant customer information in conformance with customer demographics, manage customer credit limits and run a frequent shopper program. The solution consolidates sales data and transaction details from stores into analytical reports, sales trends etc. The Aireus Enterprise was designed from the ground up for multi-unit organizations so you have clear visibility into performance at every location, every day and can automatically make changes via your browser to defined locations. All this from your browser it has never been easier.


Todays restaurateurs are looking towards POS for iPad solutions that will be available to them via an anytime, anyplace, anywhere philosophy so you can access your restaurant from your favourite browser.


Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime real-time access you can be anywhere and still make changes, affect operations and make decisions that impact the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.


With the ability to define the restaurant’s organizational structure. aireus Enterprise facilitates a corporate setup which serves as a hub for maintaining information across the organizational hierarchy.


Aireus was designed from the ground up for multi-unit organizations so you have clear visibility into performance at every location, automatically make changes via your browser has never been easier.



The Aireus Rear iPad Display for Restaurants Media Display Solution is the perfect addition to advertise those up-sell items, specials, up-coming events and an affordable replacement for the traditional customer pole display. If you are operating a quick service, fast casual, bar or even drive thru establishment, you will like the way it helps you streamline order confirmation and enable proactive marketing. Rear Displays provides convenient order confirmation for customers at quick service and fast casual restaurants. Unfortunately, the 2 by 20 character capacity on the traditional customer pole display limits available information and usefulness The Aireus iPad Display software is a great replacement for the traditional customer pole displays. Display your multimedia product advertising features to help restaurants better promote products and services. Media based advertisements display on the split screen layout, allowing customers to view the latest restaurant advertisements during order confirmation. Bar operations can benefit from as well. In a Bar environment, the customer facing media iPad display provides a great way to showcase drink specials, bar snacks and upcoming special events. Additionally, Aireus also serves as a great order confirmation for drive thru operations. iPad POS terminals can be easily linked to the Media Display software loaded on a remote driveway terminal, displaying order confirmation and product advertisements at the same time to drive thru customers. It is always a great time to indirectly promote your special products, events or just about anything that help increase ticket average and repeat business. Customers also appreciate such information display, allowing them to confirm their orders clearly while discovering information that may entice them for more frequent repeat visits.


The iPad Clearly shows each ordered menu item and modifiers on the screen receipt, giving customers a clear view of the current order. while allowing a customer to view your media advertisement and or events


The iPad Display software solution supports a split screen layout, with left side displaying the current receipt while media based advertisements are shown on the right.


Display’s advertisements can be constructed from pictures and video files. Our solution supports a variety of picture formats such as JPG, PNG and BMP. Multiple video formats such as AVI and WMV are also supported.


Display delivers proactive marketing messages to your customers without any efforts. Customers get to view your advertisements and special messages conveniently while they confirm their orders.


Aireus Enterprise8


Aireus is known for iPad POS apps and its flexibility and open architecture, allowing customers to complete  their Aireus iPad POS system with custom interfaces to hardware and or software products and services that best fit their needs. Several interfaces have already been developed to bridge our restaurant POS with complementary applications such as gift and loyalty programs, inventory and back office programs. As a restaurant POS provider, we are persistently expanding the choice of available interfaces to allow our customers a truly flexible iPad POS system that fully reaps the benefits of automating business operations and creating even greater cost and time savings. Introduce your existing business partner to the Aireus API program and develop interfaces to third party products such as web ordering, online reservations, inventory and labor products. We provide a structured framework for you to extend the capabilities of your Aireus solution so you can meet your business needs today and in the future. Create your own strategy for integration, use development tools to create custom software interfaces and ensure in-house tight integration. Our open framework runs real-time or batch-based bi-directional data communication and control between Aireus and other external systems. This helps promote efficient data flow and provide operational enhancements to your business.


Aireus Enterprise7


Aireus POS cater to hotels of every size. Whether you’re a boutique hotel, a busy downtown hub, a motel on the interstate, or a five-star beach resort, Aireus is a scalable system that ensures you can connect to your property management system from anywhere on the property and beyond. Our integrated PMS interface allows servers to verify a customer’s room account  upon opening a check, and then charge the room account when closing a check. Even payments made with credit cards can also be posted to a PMS account, facilitating centralized property reconciliation. You can also customize the layouts of customer checks to fit the particular needs of your operation, like printing the account name and room number with the signature line. Have all the functionality of a desktop terminal in the palm of your hand. Aireus allows Mobile POS so servers can  handle more guests efficiently,reducing labor cost and increasing speed of service and profits. You can even be used to operate every foodservice revenue center on your property, including: Restaurants, Lounges, Room Service, Banquets and even a Retail operation.

Need a custom feature ? We’re here to make it happen.